Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catch up!

Well now I didn't mean to be gone for over a month! We've had exciting changes around here which meant we tried to spend as much time together as we could before my husband began his new job. And then we all got sick about 2 weeks before Easter, one right after the other, and then with Easter preparations...well I needed to let some things go and it had to be the blog.

But I'm back and ready to go!! The weather has changed and spring has FINALLY sprung thankfully! I've been sewing & knitting like crazy but unfortunately have hardly any pictures to show for it and it was all for Easter gifts soooo you'll just have to believe me that's I've been busy!

I'll be back tomorrow with the Yarn Along. I can't wait to join that again! I'll leave you with a few is "our" bunny that lives in our backyard. He's so cute & my 1 year old loves to stand at the window shouting "bun bun" to him! The other is a picture of the tables all set for Easter Dinner. And the first is our daughter searching for Easter Eggs!


  1. What an exquisite dress on your precious girl! Beautiful table setting. Are those Easter eggs hanging from your light?
    Love bunnies!

  2. Oops! I forgot to say I'm glad you're all well once again. Did you need rest after tending to everyone? I bet you did.

  3. Yes they are Easter eggs!! I bought those a few years ago thinking I'd put them on the tops of Easter gifts but never did. This year we had a chandelier in the dining room so used them as decorations! And yes I sure did need rest! But everyone's healthy now so we can enjoy the spring! Thanks for stopping by! :-)