Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 64

Yet another photo project I've joined! I'm hoping that all these groups on flickr I'm in help my photography skills this year!

I've joined the Project 64: out of the box. Each week a different color from the crayon box is announced for us to go out and find and photograph. I've already missed the first three weeks so I'm going to be playing a bit of catch up.

Last week was "chestnut". I found the blog yesterday so quickly snapped these few (very poor!) shots:
A lone little duck toy abandoned on the floor when her friend went to bed last night!
And my hot cup of chai tea. It's negative temperatures out and the house is chilly so the tea is to warm my hands!

This week's color is Robin's Egg blue which I am very excited about! Hopefully there will be more interesting pictures to show at the end of the week!


  1. good color finds! Thanks for linking up with project64, we are glad to have you!

  2. You did well to find two! It was certainly not an easy colour to find. Never thought about tea and yet I stare into it at least several times a day - good thinking!

  3. Welcome to Project 64. I am new also and look forward to seeing your photographs as more colors come out of the box.