Monday, March 7, 2011

Finished Projects

I went out and bought yarn this weekend. It went against what I'd promised myself at the beginning of the year: No more yarn until I get some of what I already have knit up!

Welllllll. I want to make myself a sweater and I came across a great sale. So I bought it! But I told myself I wouldn't begin the sweater until a few of my current already begun projects were finished. So that's what I spent a big part of my weekend doing:

This large thing was supposed to be one of a pair of placemats. I began this in August. It is HUGE and took FOREVER. I wasn't about to make another one. But it is big enough to act as a smallish table runner that will be used as a hot mat.
This is one of two "Ripple's in the Sand" dish cloths I whipped up this weekend as gifts.

And this is my little "Grumpy Bear" made for my little one. I think I love him more then she does! There's nothing sweeter then finishing up some projects....unless it's the thought of another project to begin!

Counting to One Thousand: #47-67

Smelling the flowers at the grocery store
Finishing a knitting project
Walking around outside on a chilly afternoon
Story time at the library
having a plan for supper before needing to begin
seeing the ground again after all the snow has melted
watching M-T use her imagination
finding a gift for someone
the ability to be creative
"coloring" with M-T
sun coming through gray clouds
the rhythm of washing dishes
my husband who enjoys making things out of wood
towels warm from the dryer
the smell of crayons
inspiration from bloggers
birthday cake--just because!
early nap times
cup of tea with mom
the Little Golden Books & the memories that come from them
finishing projects begun long ago


  1. Nothing to be more thankful for than finished projects!! I love your bear - so cute!!

  2. Isn't it great to finish up projects! Nothing quite compares. There is a reason I know that. ;)

    Enjoyed your list today. I especially liked "the rhythm of washing dishes".

  3. Happy to have found your blog! I was wondering, what kind of yarn do you use for dish cloths? I've been wanting to crochet some. Your knitted ones are gorgeous by-the-way.

  4. It takes a while to read all the lists and it’s impossible to get to them all. But here I am – and glad I came. That bear!!!! I want that bear!!! Adorable!!!!

    And today this was my fave from your list: ~ cup of tea with mom (awww – my mom’s in heaven – but the tea thing – she used to make if ro us when we were sick kids – loved my mom) {smile}

    I was blessed by this today. Thank you.

    May God watch over and guide you and all of yours.