Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giveaway at Ginny's!

Ginny of Yarn Along fame is hosting a FANTASTIC giveaway over on her blog, Small Things, today.

It's a basket full of natural art supplies! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win because at our house lately we've really started in on the creative things. With a 15 month old who wants to do EVERYTHING that mommy & daddy do we've had lots of "help."

I've recently decided to tap into my creative side by branching out more and began a "visual journal" of sorts. I don't feel like I can draw AT ALL but love color and all the art supplies that come with drawing. So my husband bought me a notebook with blank pages (no lines!) and I've started in a little bit of writing and doodling in it.

Right now it holds my list of 1000 Gifts; some clippings from magazines; a few words that pertain to right now; and of course toddler scribbles!

So head on over to Ginny's and check out all the neat things that she's giving away! Whoever wins this one will be very lucky!


  1. I'm not sure if I got the idea of decorating the front of my plain notebook cover from you or some other gifted blogger, but I am cheered each day when I pick up my spiritual journal. I do know that I will do that with every new notebook bought; it's personal and a lot friendlier to my pocketbook!

  2. I've never tried decorating the front of my notebooks....all the one's I get that are "pretty" are usually gifts. I LOVE the idea of making the front of a plain notebook more personal by decorating it. I'll have to try it next time! :-)