Monday, May 30, 2011

Project Spectrum

Another round of Project Spectrum began at the beginning of May. Project Spectrum is the creative project of Lauren from Lolly Knitting Around. This is my second time participating and I'm really enjoying the focusing on one color a month.

To begin this round May's color to focus on was red. Above are a few pictures that I took throughout this month. Not as many as I had hoped but still some.

I had knit a pair of baby booties out of the yarn in the bottom...again I had wanted to knit a few other projects but it just didn't happen! I do have a few projects all set to go for June when the color is green!

I love Project Spectrum for it's wide variety of interpretation. There is no limit on where your creativity can take you as you delve into each color. I chose to go very laid back for May and yet red still seemed to pop up...almost like it found me rather then the other way around!

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