Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Along

Once again joining Ginny's Yarn Along!
Almost the same picture as last week! Except that I'm at the stage of sewing all the parts of the sweater together and I'll be finished! I've been at this stage since the past weekend. Anyone else procrastinate when it's time to sew the finished product up? This is why I usually find patterns that DOESN'T include stitching!

A few people asked last week if I would be knitting the hat as well. I don't think so. Just the sweater this time around!

Also the same book as last week except that I've begun it! I'm not very far into it but I'm enjoying it. It's making me remember different recipes that bring back so many memories from my youth. I'd never before realized how tied together many happy memories of my growing up revolved around my mom's kitchen. It's making me try to be more aware as I think over my own family's menus...I want my daughter to have fond memories of my cooking as well!

But I'm starting to get into a post that I want to write up for next week sometime! :-)


  1. One thing that helps with the procrastination factor is to knit the sweater in the round and the sleeves from the armhole in the round, down. Most of my designs have minimal finishing because I too procrastinate ... it's bad enough tucking ends in!

    The sweater is beautiful...


  2. I love the design - in awe of the ability to knit different pattern stitches.
    God Bless

  3. The sweater looks lovely. Glad you're liking the book. I ended up making the recipes and skimming the rest.