Monday, February 21, 2011

Late February day book

FOR TODAY: February 21, 2011

Outside my window... snow showers making all the dirty snow look pretty again!

I am thinking... Of all the many projects I need to finish & the ones I want to begin

I am thankful for... my sweet baby girl

From the kitchen... lots of left overs this week and cleaning out of the freezer

I am wearing... sweat pants & sweat shirt

I am creating... some decorations for my baby's room. Will be posting more on that later in the week!

I am going... to spend this President's Day Holiday with my younger sister having a "Gilmore Girl's" Marathon day

I am reading... "Theophilos" I am not too far into it but enjoying it so far

I am hoping... to get lots of cleaning done this week! But all those creative projects are calling my name!

I am hearing... the tv abandoned on some talk show

Around the house... bathrooms need to be cleaned, toys need to be picked up, laundry needs to be washed & put away

One of my favorite things... a freshly bathed, pajama'd baby

Picture thought... Roses from Valentine's Day

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