Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slice of Life Tuesday {the depths of Winter}

When the theme for this week's Slice of Life Tuesday was posted last week I was kind of depressed about it. "The depths of winter". Ugh. I've spent many hours the past few months looking out my window's watching the beauty of the snow fall. At all times of the day. Early morning as the snow quickly piles up. Late afternoon in twilight when the snow is softly falling admist what looks like a blue background. In the middle of the night as the snow falls quietly when no one is awake. I've taken many pictures of the birds at the feeder; the huge snowbanks; the baby enjoying a sled ride.

But now I'm tired of it. So I couldn't bring myself to go outside and take yet another picture of the big snowbank that is our front yard. But last week we had the joy of an almost 60 degree day. So out we went for a small walk around our property. And what did we find? The promise that while we are still in the depths of winter spring IS coming and will be here before we know it.

For nestled up against the foundation of the house were these hardly little flowers just beginning to grow.

And they gave me the hope to get through the rest of the winter. So much so that when we heard another snow storm was coming our way today I didn't despair. And was even more happy that the 2-4 inches we were supposed to get was only a dusting. Just enough to make the dirty snow banks look pretty once again.

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