Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 64::Apricot

This color was VERY difficult! I've been carrying around my camera all week hoping I'd run into it somewhere. But I couldn't find it! I was just getting ready to run to the grocery store to buy an actual apricot when I came across this:

My daughter's toy table. I figured a few of those orangy color's kind of look like apricot ;-) (I was just too lazy to go to the store!)

I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with for this week's color over at the Project 64 blog!


  1. It was a tough one, but good job on finding something. I ended up going through my archives.

  2. Yeah for Leap Frog to save the day :)

  3. It was a tough colour to find. I've heard on some blogs that actual apricots aren't the right colour anyway, so don't worry about being lazy!

    Great photo, I love colourful ones.

  4. Great job finding apricot! :)

  5. thank goodness for colorful kid toys!! :) apricot was a hard one, i think indigo will be harder! good luck next week!

  6. Close enough for me! Great shot. :)