Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slice of Life Tuesday {Ordinary Moments}

This weeks Slice of Life Tuesday topic was "Ordinary Moments". To find the beauty in our everyday moments. Since this pretty much sums up the "My Daily Joys" topic of what this blog is supposed be, I thought it was a neat topic.

Now of course in the every day moments of my life for the past week I haven't had the camera with me! But last night as I was getting ready to clean up this little box of books and blocks for the umpteenth million time I realized: this is the beauty in my day. Each toy I clean up over and over from under my feet means that the little one LIKES to be with me and in the midst of whatever I am doing. And right now she loves this little box. I think because it has a whole bunch of little books (she LOVES books of any sort) and it's in a neat box that can be carried around.
So this is how I found it last night as I was finishing up preparing dinner. Right in the middle of the floor where she had been while I was cooking. And right where I had found it many other times throughout the day.

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